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ERBRICH Instrumente GmbH

ERBRICH Instrumente Gmbh – produces and distributes surgical instruments for all specialties since 1964. Thanks to the quality of first class Erbrich-Instruments has an excellent reputation worldwide. Quality, innovation, reliability, as well as the full range of products are the reasons to make Erbrich-Instruments like important partner in the field of medical technology.

Erbrich Instrumente GmbH


  • Surgical Instruments for General Surgery, Ginecology, Ortopedics and ORL
  • Boxes and containers of sterilization with textile filters for 50 uses or paper filters for a single use.
  • Surgical Needles
  • Retractors
  • Osteosynthesis
  • Gypsum saw
  • Electrodes and accessories
  • Artroscopy forceps
ERBRICH Instrumente GmbH ERBRICH Instrumente GmbH
ERBRICH Instrumente GmbH